Inclusion at Brighton College Dubai runs through each phase, faculty and member of the college community. Seamlessly integrated, destigmatised and wholly supportive of learning differences across the spectrum of need to giftedness. With a highly skilled team who were commended during our COBIS accreditation, we have seen pupils progress and excel, to achieve both academic and personal success.

Brighton College Dubai values the uniqueness of each pupil who comes into its care, supporting and nurturing their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development, irrespective of their starting points. We believe in treating pupils as individuals, and welcomes pupils with a range of learning and physical differences. Inclusive attitudes, behaviours, beliefs and systems ensure that each pupil, regardless of their individual learning profile, has every opportunity to be truly independent and reach their true potential.

All pupils are supported through carefully tailored programmes of study, through advice and support when needed, and through the recruitment of expert teachers and senior leaders. Individualised support is offered to help pupils to access the curriculum and navigate the demands of College life.

The College recognises that there will be individual pupils who require more specific help or support in order to fulfil their potential and will work proactively to create a supportive and inclusive educational environment and to promote learning for all our pupils with an additional need or disability. Reasonable adjustments to the curriculum content, delivery and assessment or to the school environment will be made wherever possible to ensure that pupils are able to learn and grow to their full potential.